Do you offer a discount?

-Not Right Away… Loyal Customers do get recognized and discounts will be applied to those who deserve it. I’m not a cheap guy myself, so let’s not be tacky. If you spent hours working on something, would you want someone to ask you for a discount?

How come it’s so expensive?

-Being the only person working on this and to keep overhead low, I make every item per order. When you receive your package, it was me that did all the packing and dropped it off at the post office. Also, we shouldn’t be cheap with our pride. Let’s support each other and thrive!

Are you even Filipino?

-I'm a Canadian Born Filipino. I don’t even have a Spanish Last Name, my last name is straight Jungle….

Are you Serious?

-Lol! Relax! I just put a lot of Filipino Humour behind all this!