A brand where 1st, 2nd, & Future Generations of Filipino Canadians can learn more about their roots, traditions, and Culture.

I started this clothing brand with the intention to build stronger bridges and bigger networks with other Filipino Communities not only across Canada, but the entire world through Culture and Design.

"Just someone who is proud to rep both my cultures!"

- Jedro Magtoto aka JedRocks


What we are about 


Being born and/or raised in Canada, we kept the traditions of being Filipino with us. The Filipino soul is something you can’t extinguish and is with you for life. Not only are we traditional, we are adaptable. Wherever Filipinos are found, they adapt to the cultures on where they live but never lose our own and even help spread it.


We were made for the hot tropical weather but we seem to thrive here in Canada. We live in the cold most of the time and we make the best of it. At times we may be small in numbers, but you’ll notice we have more people gravitate toward us. When we are in large numbers, we can through the biggest parties.


To state the obvious, Canada has the most Filipinos wearing clothes of their favourite Hockey team. We create our own style with winter fashion and we wear toques not beenies. 


We love our Sinigang, Palabok, and Adobo. For breakfast, we love our eggs, cornbeef, spam, and Rice! We can get our non-filipino friends hooked on our food. 


We skate, snowboard, toboggan, and ski. Some of play hockey and most of us play Basketball, which was invented by a Canadian.


We love our music and the Hip Hop Culture here in Canada thrives off Filipino’s. Up north we are the ones who mostly are in dance crews, B-Boying, DJ’n, MC’n and singing the latest R&B Tunes. We are the ones who are in line up of the clubs at Hip Hop night. 


We here at Fil-Can clothing are here to represent us as a whole in culture. Bringing the Hybrid of Canadian and Filipino Cultures to the world and show them who we are. We carry the class of a Canadian mixed in with the soul of a Filipino.


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For any other inquires, please contact us @ 1-778-883-2950 or filcanclothing@gmail.com